Panchakarma Treatment and its benefits

Ayurveda is the most widely practiced alternative medicine and a tradition as old as 5000 years. Ayurveda helps you attain a state of optimal physical and emotional balance and restores harmony within your body to help maintain good health.

Panchakarma treatment

Panchakarma treatment in Kerala is an important treatment of all Ayurvedic practices.

Cleaning and renewal process is one of the initial learnings in Ayurveda. Panchakarma is the detoxification procedure that does effective cleaning from inside by eliminating the accumulated toxins. In Panchakarma, the body, mind, and senses are rejuvenated and there is sustainable improvement through lifestyle changes. Panchakarma not only cures bodily disorders, but also eliminates stress, leading to complete detoxification.

If Panchakarma therapy is performed regularly, toxins would not accumulate at high levels, and imbalances can be detected early on.

The Process of Panchakarma

Panchakarma is a Sanskrit word, which means, 'five processes'. A qualified Ayurvedic physician devises a customized treatment and duration based on your dosha imbalances, body constitution, age, immunity, metabolism, digestive strength etc.

The Panchakarma treatment includes three phases;

Poorva Karma - This step is very crucial to eradicate the imbalances in your body. Activities that trigger the release of toxins are included in this step. It starts with Snehana or Oleation in which herbal oils are applied to your body. Oil and ghee when ingested provide internal lubrication.

After oiling and massages, tissues become tender. Swedana or fomentation therapy is performed to make them more supple. Both these therapies help in washing out the toxins easily..

Pradhana Karma (Primary Procedures) - In this main phase, five therapies are performed.

Nasyam - Nasal passages, forehead and temples are cleansed and detoxified by instilling herbal oils or herbal remedies through the nostrils. The cerebral area is relaxed.

Vamana - This is a process of controlled vomiting or purging, called medicated emesis in which herbal medicines are given. It removes the toxins accumulated in the upper body parts like the diaphragm and respiratory tract.

Virechanam - Through medically induced purgation, the lower part of the gut is cleansed from excessive toxic and metabolic waste(pitta) using natural laxatives. The toxins are purged out from our bowels.

Vasthi - Warm Ayurvedic herbal oils or decoctions made with natural ingredients like ghee, milk etc are administered to induce enema, for the elimination of toxins accumulated in the intestines and colon. Constipation, piles, and arthritis are treated by this method.

Rakta mokshana - Toxic blood is the major reason for several ailments. Blood is detoxified effectively by this treatment. Impure blood is removed from the bloodstream by the process of bloodletting. Psoriasis, pigmentation, dermatitis etc can be treated by this method.

Pashchath Karma (Post therapy activities) - This is the renewal phase, where emphasis is on the maintenance of good health. This is done through activities like Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and consumption of dosha-specific diet and rasayanas.


Panchakarma treatment is decided for an individual after thorough physical examination and pulse diagnosis. Therefore, there is no universal package for everyone. It may take a minimum of seven days and may last as long as 21 days.

Major Benefits of Panchakarma

Detoxifies the body

Body is purified at various levels in stages. and the blocked channels are opened. When toxins are eliminated, the natural biochemistry of the body is restored and metabolism is improved, which helps the Prana body to stay energetic.

Improves Digestion

The strength of digestive fire is enhanced and the process of digestion is improved.

Restoration of our metabolic fire

When toxins are in excess, the absorption of energy is obstructed and there is a lack of nourishment. Metabolism is improved by the elimination of accumulated toxins and rejuvenation of tissues, both in the gut and the cells. Panchakarma restores the physical and emotional agni and reinstates your inner balance to keep your body youthful and disease-free.

Reduces weight

Impaired metabolism and accumulation of dead cells is the cause for weight gain. Panchakarma speeds up metabolism by eliminating toxins from the body. The toxic weight is lost and your ideal weight is maintained.

Releases stress

Panchakarma provides deep relaxation to your body and mind. By clearing blocked channels and balancing of doshas, there is a natural flow of energy in the body, due to which, stress is eliminated and health is promoted. Mental efficiency is increased.

Emotional health

Panchakarma works on emotional health and wellness. With emotional harmony, you are able to process emotions with purity and discard toxic things.

Improves sleep cycle

Irregular sleep cycle and insomnia cause stress, which may lead to several kinds of body imbalances. Through massages and meditation-based therapies, the body's natural sleep cycle is restored. Sleeping disorders are prevented and a natural flow is established to your sleep regimen.

Balance of the vitiated doshas

Panchakarma helps in achieving a balance of all the three doshas and your body starts to function well, preventing the occurrence of diseases.

Increase in Immunity

Through herbs, rasayanas and a healthy diet, your immunity is boosted and your body becomes strong to combat various infections.

Treats skin problems

Panchakarma cleanses the skin and soothes and tones it. It reduces the impact of eczema, treats psoriasis by purifying blood and tissues. Vitiligo and acne are also treated by Panchakarma.

Pain management

Panchakarma offers pain management measures for acute and chronic pain.

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