In Ayurveda, the treatments and diet are all closely connected, the Diet is prescribed as part of treatment. Designing your diet while your stay at Jeevess essentially focuses on your health requirements on a meal to meal basis based on the treatment stages.

Our diet recommendation has two stages, one what you eat during your treatments while you are here and second, when you go back home. The food, fruit, juices and medicated water served while you are here at a particular meal time are the best possible combination for your condition at that meal time. Each food item that prescribed for you has a reason.

As a part of disciplining or conditioning your digestion, we offer food at particular timings only, no food is allowed in-between the meal times unless there is a medical reason. We strictly recommend you not to take any food items apart from what is served to you by us. As it may affect your results in the long run.

As part of this principle also we don’t serve food in the rooms, where you will be distracted easily and the divinity of the food is lost. During some special treatments or other medical situations we will provide food in the rooms.

If you are allergic or do not use any particular food items, please inform it in our Pre-admission questionnaire.

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