How Ayurveda helps in body detoxification

What is Ayurvedic Detox

Ayurvedic detoxification treatment is based on the age-old precepts of Ayurvedic medicine.

As per Ayurveda, the world is divided into five elements - Vayu, Prithvi, Teja, Aakash, and Jala.

The three humors or doshas formed from the various combinations of each element, responsible for different physiological functions in your body are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Each one of us has a unique balance of doshas, which is determined by genetics and personality traits.

A proper balance between the three doshas, as well as the five elements is needed for good health.

When the doshas get aggravated, the digestive fire or Agni is affected and toxins or ama are produced which start accumulating in your body. While accumulating, they spread throughout the body and ultimately deposit into the deeper tissues, organs or channels. These toxins come from undigested food, poor drinking water, pollution, pesticides, stress, and other factors.

Diseases occur due to the imbalance of doshas, waste products and the deposition of toxins in the body.

Detoxing or body cleansing treatment in Ayurveda is the loosening and elimination of these toxins as a result of which, the systems are rejuvenated and brought to balance.

It is good to detox at the start of each season.

Bodily Detox

Panchakarma Treatment

Panchakarma which means 'five detox processes' removes toxins, rejuvenates your body and reestablishes your mind-body unity.

Before Panchakarma, Purvakarma is carried out to direct the toxins to your bowels and surface of the skin and it includes oil massage, steaming, and Shirodhara.

The five Therapies

The five processes in Panchakarma are:


Nasyam is a nasal cleansing process in which herbal oils or herbal remedies or fumes are administered through the nostrils.


The digestive system is cleansed by controlled vomiting or purging, through herbal medications.


Through medically induced purgation, intestines are cleansed.


Warm Ayurvedic herbal oils or decoctions are introduced into the colon through rectum to induce enema, for the elimination of toxins accumulated in the intestines and colon.

Rakta moksha

Blood is detoxified effectively by this treatment.

After Panchakarma, Paschat Karma is carried out which focuses on rejuvenation therapies through rasayanas or herbal preparations that increase vitality. Rejuvenation in Ayurveda is through personalized diet, herbal formulations and lifestyle changes are important components of Paschat Karma.

You may also be prescribed supplements for specific conditions and aspects of health such as congestion, immunity, bowel regularity, and sleep.

Panchakarma may take a minimum of seven days and may last as long as 21 days.

Benefits of Panchakarma

When toxins are eliminated, the natural biochemistry of the body is restored and metabolism is improved, which helps the Prana body to stay energetic. The strength of digestive fire is enhanced. Through regular massages, lactic acid is removed from muscles and joints. Hormonal balance is regained and blood circulation is improved helping to restore appetite, sleep quality, concentration and memory.

The body is completely purified and blocked channels are opened. The body and mind are relaxed, tissues are rejuvenated and immunity is boosted. It slows the ageing process and relieves stress. Your strength, endurance and vitality are improved.

Dietary Modification

An Ayurvedic diet is recommended for each dosha. You must avoid foods that cause toxin accumulation like alcohol, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, red meat, and processed foods.

Drink lots of water during the detox. You can have a detox tea before bed to cleanse your bowels.

Have a strict eating time, eat without distractions, enjoy pleasant conversations with others, eat till you are satisfied, not till you are full.

A mono-diet like Khichdi may also be recommended, for all the meals of the day to rebalance your doshas, which keeps the body strong.


In order to move the impurities in your body to your digestive system, regular massage is done.

Abhyanga is a vigorous massage that is done all over the body, using warm herb-infused oils. It prevents premature aging, drains your lymphatic system, and improves your hair and skin health.

Once the massage is completed, Swedana is performed.

Yoga practice is also recommended.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Ayurvedic detox also includes daily meditation and mindfulness. Both are key components of detox.

Meditation can help you disconnect from distractions, decrease anxiety, lower your stress levels, and increase creativity and self-awareness. The duration of meditation can range from 10 minutes to over one hour.

When you practice mindfulness, you stay in the present moment, and you are aware of each moment and task. Practice it while you eat, exercise, and perform other daily tasks.

Jeevess Mukta Ayurvedic Body Detoxification Program

Jeevess Mukta prepares your body in advance to fight against illnesses and take all precautions to avoid falling sick. Through appropriate Panchakarma treatments, you are ensured a long lasting healthy life. Your dosha balance is restored and the body is rejuvenated and revitalized by the elimination of the deep seated toxins, including doshas and malas. Your immune system is boosted to combat diseases.

Make detoxification a routine program. Benefit from it to the fullest.

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