Jeevess offers you the means to protect and rejuvenate the “PRANA” – Vital Life Force, through Ayurvedic lifestyle and management of diseases

Ayurveda inscriptions states that Prana (life element) is situated in the hridaya, murdhna (head) and basti of individuals. Hence protecting and maintaining (paripalana) the Prana vital points are an absolute necessity.

This maintenance of marmas (marma paripalana) is possible through

Avoidance of elements that cause affliction to marmas (the vital points)

Following the code of conduct or the regimens Ayurveda prescribed for maintaining health

Management of the existing diseases / conditions

Jeevess Treatments

Jeevess deliver treatments to our patients through Oushada (medicaments) , Ahara (diet) and Vihara (physical and mental activities). To get the maximum benefits we need to give equal importance to all three aspects of treatment delivery mechanism.


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Ahara (Diet)

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