Jeevess Kalari Chikitsa

Rejuvenate your body with the unique practice and Kalari treatments provided by Jeevess Ayurvedic Hospital

With different types of authentic and traditional Uzhichil and other therapeutic measures, we offer you the best treatments to heal your wounds and bodily trauma. Preserve your health and flexibility by practicing Kalaripayattu and free yourself from the pain of injury through Kalari Chikitsa.

Kalari marma treatment, massage, chikitsa

01 Kalaripayattu

Get your physical and mental health by practicing this scientifically formulated form of martial arts. Learning and practicing Kalaripayattu on a strict schedule will definitely help you with your defense as well.

Kalari is one of the best lifestyles to maintain and improve one’s health. It is a traditional form of martial arts and a principle of treatment passed down from generation to generation. This has evolved over many years. In ancient times there were no academic institutions or centers to teach Kalari as we see today.

The selected candidates were trained under an ideal Guru or teacher. All aspects of life, from basic education to martial arts, were taught by them. The Guru taught martial arts to protect themselves from any attack, as well as a lifestyle to maintain and improve one’s health.

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02 Kalari Uzhichil – Kalari Massage

Jeevess kalari massage helps you armor with preventive mechanisms by preparing your body to stand against the day to day postural stress. Be energetic and evergreen by improving blood circulation with Kalari massage.

kalari marma chikitsa mainly focuses on 107 vital points in human body. marmas are the vital points of the body and are considered as the storehouse of life breath. Marma chikitsa in kerala is centuries old. Marma means "Vital spots" chikitsa means "treatment". This system has evolved from healing injuries of warriors who have suffered physical injuries during fight or practice. Marma chikitsa is performed by specialist who knows well about the vital spots on human body. Marma treatment is also very effective for wounds, burses and fractures.

Kalari massage has been developed based on the principles of Kalaripayattu. Using therapeutic marma stimulating techniques will help you to correct the muscular and ligament misalignment and improve the musculoskeletal coordination. This massage channelizes the vital energy, improves lymphatic, blood circulation which ensures better immunity and sense of physical lightness.

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