Jeevess Charya

“Jeevess Charya” is a specially designed Ayurvedic routine practice as mentioned in the Ayurvedic classics.

At Jeevess Ayurvedic Hospital, we understand the individual differences and considers their holistic requirements. We provide each person with a set of Charyas (routines) to follow, which helps them to create a better life full of comfort and happiness.

Ayurveda recommends daily routine and seasonal regimens for disease prevention and health maintenance. Being a science of life and lifestyle, Ayurveda ensures you a long and healthy life if you comply with the rules and instructions it set forth. At Jeevess we make you follow some Ayurvedic instructions and urge you to practice some routines to retrieve your health and confidence.

Duration: One week

Nestled with amidst lush greenery,
mountains and beautiful rivers

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