Jeevess Vegetable Garden

At Jeevess, we grow our vegetables in an organic way and serve them freshly from Jeevess vegetable garden.

The Ayurvedic texts have mentioned about the vegetables by the group named ‘shaaka varga’ – meaning vegetable groups. The whole group of vegetables as we know, are classified into different classifications and includes

  • Patra (Leafy vegetables)
  • Pushpa (Flowering vegetables)
  • Phala (Fruit vegetables)
  • Nala (Stalk vegetables)
  • Kanda (Tuber vegetables)

During the treatments to promote health, consumption of vegetables plays a vital role in curing diseases. During the treatment regime, there are dictums called pathya meaning what is good and apathya means what is not good in the healing process. The pathya (wholesome) things can be the food they eat, it can be the activity or the medicine they take. It is important to have the right type of food for the right condition, properly processed and prepared in the right way, in the right time to have the most benefit out of treatments.

In this way, vegetables are cultivated under the directions of the doctors and dieticians. We have planted the commonly used vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, brinjal, ash gourd, pumpkin, ladies finger, tomatoes in clusters planted at various areas of Jeevess hospital.

Leafy Vegetable Court

Leafy vegetables as we know them are an important part for our health and wellbeing. There are plenty of leafy vegetables available for us that are rich in nutrients and all of them can be used as medicines for you. During some treatment protocols leafy vegetables need to be taken with caution, our doctors will guide you.

Being a vital part of a healthy diet, the leafy vegetables are cultivated within Jeevess and we have marked it as leafy vegetable court. One of the medicinally significant leafy vegetables is the spinach. We have collected different varieties of spinach and it looks like garden décor. Other important leaf vegetables like gourd leaves, beans, drumsticks and so on.

We also have plants with medicinal properties than nutritive properties like Centella asiatica, Boerhaaviadiffusa.

For enhancing taste in the foods along with medicinally valued mint leaves, coriander leaves, curry leaves have been cultivated organically.

Tuber Park

In this section, we grow tubers for its nutritive and medical purposes. These vegetables that are grown for you underneath the soil are rich in fibers, carbohydrates and vitamins. Please note, in some health conditions and stages of treatment some tubers are not recommended, so again the Doctors will recommend what’s good for you.

Different varieties of Elephant foot yam, greater yam, colocasia, along with beetroot, shatavari etc. are part of this collection. Shatavari as we are familiar with the name already, is a popular medicine.

Nestled with amidst lush greenery,
mountains and beautiful rivers

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