Cultivation & Conservation

In front of the Nakshatra sasyangal, we have established a Poly House nursery and this unit built in the 1500 Sq.ft. area is an important unit at Jeevess. We have followed the scientific procedures to build this poly house nursery for the production of quality seedlings, seed propagation, collection and processing of seeds etc.

As part of the projects named Medicinal plants collection and conservation of rare endangered and threatened medicinal plants, we have made arrangements for a seed bank facility. To collect matured seeds from the Jeevess herbal garden plants and preserve them for future cultivation, we use our seed bank.

We have collected seeds of rare medicinal plants and preserved them in the poly house and cultured them to produce new plants by cultivating them. In this way, we are able to preserve high medicinal value plants on the verge of extinction. Every category of seeds is kept in specially built large cupboards in sections by displaying the name and details.

Jeevess vegetable garden is just behind the polyhouse with colocasia, Elephant foot Yam, Greater Yam etc. along with special variety leafy vegetables, beans varieties etc.

Nestled with amidst lush greenery,
mountains and beautiful rivers

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