Watch Tower

Cultivation & Conservation

Towards the northern end of the administration building is the watchtower, which rises far ahead, the poly house nursery at the bottom, the vast fruit garden on the west, and other buildings, including the medicine manufacturing unit.

This experience from watch tower varies for you according to different times of the day. Although it is inside the flakes of fog in the morning and evening, it is in the serene light of the sun at noon that the greeneries and mountain beauties are seen giving you a distinct experience.

There are stairs available to climb this tower of 12 meters high. If you walk slowly by enjoying the views through the stairs, a very enchanting visual treat awaits you at the top. While experiencing the wind that blows all the time and the panoramic views of the hills and forests, you might wonder as to whether you are in another world or not. You won’t be able to enjoy the visuals without your mind being blown completely

Nestled with amidst lush greenery,
mountains and beautiful rivers

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