Chikitsagaram – Treatment Block

Cultivation & Conservation

Our treatment block is meant mainly for Panchakarma and similar therapies. The block contains main treatment rooms, consultation rooms, para-surgical procedures room, post treatment relaxation rooms etc. In the middle of the block we have created a common water body with a pleasant courtyard.

We have special consultation rooms for various specialties like Kayachikitsa, Shalyatantra, Kalari marma chikitsa, Yoga, Diet etc.

A special procedure room has been set up as per the Ayurvedic principles to carry para-surgical procedures with all facilities.

Ayurvedic treatment rooms have glass walls on one side where you can view the beautiful sceneries of the outside. You can enjoy the natural beauty from both sides while sitting in the relaxation zone.

At the Down stairs of this block, also we have a special area for chavitti uzhichil (massaging with the foot), water therapies, and other specially designed therapies like ashmagana sweda. There is a treatment related kitchen facility named Kashayappura for making the medicinal compounds named kashaya, kizhi, etc.

In the Back yard treatment block, we have set up solar panels above the tea plants to generate electricity from solar energy. The wastewater, we are reusing it without creating pollution or bad odor with the STP facility. You can see a long pond near the walking pathway to collect the recycled water.

Nestled with amidst lush greenery,
mountains and beautiful rivers

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