Cultivation & Conservation

We have a beautiful transparent green colored natural pond right in front of our Olive and Pulosan cottages. There is a stone paved platform on the way to the pond and a pond house in traditional style. This is a natural pond that is twenty-eight meter in length and 25-meter width and 10 feet in depth. There are special arrangements for patients to relax and feed the fishes here. This natural pond is in reality one of Jeevess’ special attractions.

We also have a section wise farming area near the pond. For meeting the dietary requirements of the patients as prescribed in Ayurveda, the rice varieties (like ‘raktashali, shashtika shali) and other cereals andmillets like– fox millet and little millet are cultivated organically.

Right next to the pond and farm is a marshy area where specially cultivated medicinal water plants that are used in ayurvedic medicines are grown.

The faraway view of the natural pond and the farm area is a very beautiful one

Nestled with amidst lush greenery,
mountains and beautiful rivers

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