Jeevess Fruit Garden

Ethnic And Exotic Fruit Garden

Jeevess houses an absolutely different ethnic and exotic fruit garden within the Jeevess property.

Right from the locally grown Wayanadan Jackfruit to the Mediterranean origin Olive awaits you here. We have in this way, more than 200 varieties native and exotic fruit trees present in the Jeevess fruit garden. Every fruit is treated on the basis of their quality and taste. In Jeeves, apart from the qualities and taste, there are fruits available of high medicinal value as well.

Most often we consume fruits, without realizing the health benefits or impacts. However, if we consume fruits at the right time in the right quantities, it will contribute to boost your immunity and thus a healthy body.

The doctors prescribe the diet during the treatments; these fruits can be a part of your diet plan at Jeevess.

One of the interesting facts about the fruit garden is that the fruit trees are planted in alphabetical order in front of the cottages. Right from the alphabet letter A to the letter P are the names after sixteen cottages viz. Avocado, Bignay, Chamarang, Duku and ending with Pulosan medicinal value fruits.

There are different varieties of a cluster built for you over here. For instance, we have 16 types of guavas, 8 types of chikoos, 3 varieties of watery rose apple, various jackfruits, different varieties of mangoes and cherries etc.

Nestled with amidst lush greenery,
mountains and beautiful rivers

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