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Jeevess Medicinal Plant

One of the major specialties of Jeevess being the medicinal plant cultivation in the Hospital vicinity. The main challenge faced by the Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing sector is the scarcity of raw drugs. As an attempt, we are using Wayanad’s fertile soil to cultivate herbs required for manufacturing medicines in our production unit. We are using herbs grown in our garden for manufacturing medicines for our patients as much as possible. To effectively utilize all spaces efficiently, we employ different ways of cultivating more plants like biofencing, intercropping etc.

As of now we have planted more than 600 medicinal plants mentioned in the traditional Ayurvedic texts. Based on the usages and properties, Ayurveda classifies drugs in to groups (Example- ‘triphala’- Three fruits , ‘Nalpamara- Four figs , ‘Dashamoolangal’ – Ten roots. Depending upon the usage, we have planted every type of medicinal plant.


In the property, we have used those medicinal plants which are used for medicine preparations and treatments are selected to do the fencing. In this way, the garden sections are differentiated and to separate the cultivation areas from the pathways. This is the best way to do cultivation in less space with useful plants for fencing.

Healing Plants

There is a category of medicinal plants called healing plants to treat and cure specific diseases planted in particular. they are used in traditional folklore treatments but are either extinct or are in a way that it is not available nowadays. Hence it is the necessity of this age collect and protect the medicinal plants

RET-Rare Endangered and Threatened Plants Cultivation and Conservation

There are plenty of medicinal plants that are on the verge of extinction at present. Because of this, a lot of chronic and acute diseases that could have been treated easily have to be treated with the aid of other options. In the RET category, different medicinal plants, trees, water plants, climbers, grasses are included. Jeevess has planted these medicinal plants after collecting them from different people and different places. We also develop them and protect them from damages.

Medicinal Grasses – Cultivation

We are nurturing different types of medicinal grasses. These are not only for the purpose of treatments, but have a big role in Ecological sustenance.

Water Loving Medicinal Plants Cultivation and Conservation

In Jeevess, the popular medicinal plants that are used in medicines aplenty which grow in water blocks and marsh lands are cultivated, protected and used for medicine manufacturing. Some of the examples include sweet flags (Acorus calamus), kokilaksha (Hygrophila auriculata), Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), neer thippali (Lippa nodiflora). In them both the common and rare varieties are included.

Sustainable Harvesting Methods

In Ayurveda, in a plant generally there are ten plant parts which are used for medicinal purposes like fruit, seed, leaves, roots, bark etc, So when we collect the medicines, we collect the necessary items without damaging the entire plant or leaving enough to for sustainable cultivation by relying on traditional and scientific methods. If we use the plants completely, we will either collect the seeds or cut new branches from them and use them for re cultivation.

We have set up a poly house facility for the same. For some plants, the stem bark is used but for some others, the used ones are the roots. In this way, the trained experts collect the necessary parts and adopt the measures to protect the mother plant. In this manner, we can take yield from the same plant/tree for a long period.

Nakshathra Sasyangal (planet plants)

In the ayurvedic branch of medicine, the influence of stars and planetary positions on the health and diseases of human beings are mentioned. For instance, the effect of sun and moon on the human body is known to us. Similarly, certain medicinal plants have been connected with some planets and planetary positions. In this manner the important planets and related medicinal plants are known by the name ‘Nakshathra Sasyangal’. ‘Nakshathra’ means star and ‘sasya’ means plant. They are known by Malayalam names locally. These medicinal plants are specially planted in a reserved area. It is believed people born to the particular star need to take care of that plant.

Jeevess Seed Bank

In Jeevess, as part of the Medicinal plants cultivation and conservation project for collection and conservation of rare endangered and threatened medicinal plants we made seed banks of such species. We made a collection of rare medicinal plants seeds and preserved them in the poly house. We culture them to produce new saplings. In this way, we are able to preserve medicinal plants on the verge of extinction.

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