Mahanasam & Bhojanalaya

Diet Kitchen & Dining Area

Jeevess has a section wise farming area near the pond for meeting the dietary requirements of the patients as prescribed in Ayurveda. We cultivate the rice varieties (like ‘raktashali, shashtika shali) and other cereals and millets like– fox millet and little millet are cultivated organically.

The exclusive ayurvedic cuisine dining area is towards the East of admin block. This is known as Jeevess Bhojanalaya.

As every patient has an individual diet plan, it has a special seating arrangement. Mobile phones are restricted in the dining area while eating.

Right below the dining area houses our diet kitchen and our food is prepared by expert Chefs and is served freshly following the individual diet plan.

Nestled with amidst lush greenery,
mountains and beautiful rivers

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